RSGallery Simple Tweak

RSGallery is one the most popular and most reviewed Photo Gallery extension for Joomla CMS. This is a very simple tweak but a very useful one for people who don’t have knowledge about even simple MySQL query structures. And I hope it might be useful for RSGallery users who might not have extra time to look into the code and tweak around the MySQL query. So, here I provide a simple tweak in the RSGallery module to show the Latest or Recent Image from the RSGallery galleries. Using this module you will be able to show all recent images from all the galleries and you can also exclude a gallery from being displayed in that module.

There can be a case where you want to show latest images from one gallery only instead of having all the latest images from all galleries being listed there. For this purpose I made Candid Photos module. Here you can specify which gallery to be used. You will need to put the Gallery ID of the gallery that you want to use for candid photos. Then in the Candid Photos module, recent images from the gallery you specified only will be displayed.

Now here are the two ready made modules for RSGallery. You can download it and modify it as per your requirements ( If you find it useful, please link back ).

The Modules:


  1. Download and install it through the Joomla Installer.
  2. Go to Module Manager and enable the module and select the module position of your choice.
  3. Change the CSS styles of the module to your choice.
  4. You can select the number of photos to display.
  5. Select the gallery to display ( for Candid Photos module ).
  6. Select the gallery to be excluded ( for Latest Pictures module extended ).
  7. The rest you can do it.

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